Goalkeeper gloves are cool to look at, they make part of the goalkeeping uniforms right! But have you ever asked yourself why the gloves form an important gear for any goalkeeper? Of course, it is not about aesthetics, soccer gloves play a great role in protecting players as well as providing support and enhancing a goalkeeper’s gaming abilities.

Soccer gloves are not a must wear items, but most goalkeepers will agree with me when I say that goalkeeping gloves are more essential than even soccer boots. However, having a pair of gloves is one and having a good pair of soccer gloves is another. Or simply saying, there is a difference between wearing a pair of football goalkeeping gloves that you enormously like and wearing a pair that does not work well with you. What are some of the things you need to give priority to end up with the best goalkeeping gloves?

Consider the fit.

Before buying any pair of goalkeeper gloves it is of great importance that you ensure the gloves perfectly fits your hands. In the early year before goalkeepers started using soccer gloves, players used to play and catch the barehanded. What does that mean; the players felt a direct impact between hands and the ball. This it was easy to control and handle the ball. The gloves that you buy should closely fit your palm and fingers. A perfect fit will enable you to feel the ball without underestimating the force of the ball.

Consider flexibility.

How are your goalkeeping flexible? Normally soccer glove flexibility goes hand in hand with ball control and feel. To effectively meet this standards a good pair of soccer gloves should mimic a bare hand, they should be as close to the skin as possible but of course not to the extent of blocking free movement. Examples:

Consider cushioning.

Most soccer gloves nowadays are well cushioned and you will find that what makes difference between one pair of gloves from the other is the type of cushion. Most manufacturers use latex and other material making sure that your fingers and palms are well cushioned. But why is cushioning that important? The main reason why is that cushioning helps reduce the impact resulting from strong shots. With a well-cushioned, you will be able to prevent finger breakages and such minor injuries.

Consider the grip.

The dry grip, if you often watch soccer I am pretty sure you have at one time seen a goalkeeper spit or put water on their gloves. The main reason is to make them wet for a strong grip. But why should you through all such? The best way to avoid such instances is buying a glove type that does well even in dry conditions.
Remember, you are not going to play in just dry conditions at one time you are also going to play in wet conditions. So, when taking into consideration dry conditions you should also consider what happens if you find yourself playing in wet conditions.
A good pair of gloves should absorb water in wet conditions especially when it starts to rain and you are in the mid of the game. With this, you will be forced to take off the gloves from time to time to squeeze water out of them.